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Marcy Bloom

Marcy Bloom

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Marcy Bloom (born 1954) is an American pro-choice activist known for serving for eighteen years as executive director of Aradia Women's Health Center in Seattle.[1][2] Bloom was the 2006 recipient of the ACLU's highest honor, the William O. Douglas Award, for her work.[3]

Bloom has described abortion as a "moral good", rather than a necessary evil.[4] She writes a regular column for RH Reality Check, and is a leading fundraiser for reproductive rights organizations in Mexico.[5] In addition to her work for abortion rights, Bloom is regarded as an expert on the biological aspects of sexual intercourse.[6]

During the 2000 Democratic primary campaign, Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey enlisted Bloom to tape radio ads critical of Al Gore's past flirtation with opposition to abortion.[7][8]

Bloom is a board member of the Washington, D. C.-based National Abortion Rights Action League